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Warranty Claim

Please read our "Warranty Terms" very carefully and learn our all policies. This terms was modified on December 10, 2020

  • The product is not damaged externally
  • The product is not opened inside for any purpose
  • Warranty sticker / serial number is in perfect condition
  • The product has manufacturing defects only

If there is any mark of external damage or opened inside for any reason, then the warranty will be void.
Customer can bring the product to our office for inspection.

In case of courier return, we will inspect the product and notify customer about the condition of the product.

Warranty Procedure
  • Inspection has been done and the product is eligible for warranty claim
  • We will send the product to the supplier or manufacturer to claim warranty
  • We will notify customer after receiving back the product
  • We can send the product to the customer's address, if customer pay the delivery cost

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